Model Submissions

Sunni Dai Kids have partnered up with The F.R.E.S.H. Kids Foundation to help produce their Fashion Parade. We will be hosting our Virtual Fashion Parade on July 25, 2020!! We are so excited to bring models from all over to be apart of one amazing show!!

All models will be mailed the backdrop for the show if they select the Sunni Dai Brand Box or Summer Box!! **WE ONLY HAVE SIZES 4-10 Left available*

This event allows models to participate in 4 ways..

  1. Dress in your own attire that compliments your personality. Kid friendly fashions only! (only 10 spots)
  2. Sunni Dai Kids will ship you a designer box. The box will include one of Sunni Dai Kids brands. Models will keep the item!! (only 2 spots left) ** We only have sizes 4-10 available**
  3. Inspiration look. Models will dress in items that represents their role model, future career, culture or character/costume. (only 10 spots)
  4. Sunni Dai Summer box. This box will only include accessories or swimwear. (only 10 spots) **We only have sizes 4-10 available*

Click here to secure your spot