Sunni Dai Kids Fashion Week

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Sunni Dai Kids Fashion Week

Atlanta Event October 2019

All kids ages 2-14 are being accepted to be apart of the ultimate experience! Click model to sign up!

Sunni Dai Kids Fashion Week is a bi annual runway show, showcasing the latest fashion in the kids industry.

This Year Brands

Lola and the Boys           

Mia New York                

Mandy by Gem               

Sean John                        

Little Prospects              

Ashley Rose                   


Beachboom Swimwear 

Bella McGrath              


Meme Grimes               

Different is the New Cool

Ciao Bella

and more added…

Photos by Jennifer Wright Photography

Sunni Dai Kids Fashion Week kicks off July in Miami and LA then NYC in August.

This year we will partner with The F.R.E.S.H foundation.    Its mission is to provide fashion, reality, entertainment, sports and health experiences to those in need. The foundation strives to ensure no child or adult will be left behind while fulfilling their dreams on the F.R.E.S.H path.  We will be donating 10% of ticket sales to cancer research!